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The Rationale Quest - Politics, Economics and Philosophy

Explore the latent response of philosophy and philosophy to the global economic arena. Early posts include the study of heresies in the early church and the problems of Liberalism and Raw Capitalism in our times

A priest defends the free market

August 4th 2012 17:51
Ray Tapajna reviews Defending the Free Market by Father Robert Sirico
The American Dream Burning Away

Reference Bizarre Politics article Wake Up World You Been Had!

Evidently, Father Robert Sirico and I do not live in the same world. I failed to connect with his book about the Free Market

Lech Walesa, who led the Solidarity Movement in Poland and played a major role in the downfall of the Soviet Communist Empire, says he does not know that much about business and economics but something is very wrong when ten percent of a populations controls 100 percent of the wealth. This is the same thing the Occupy Wall Street is maintaining. They are not concerned about some people being rich but become deeply concerned
when they will never have what their parents had.

I spent most of my life in my own businesses after growing up in a family food business and working in several factories while going to college. In my career, also was with several major corporations in the computer industry. After reading Father Sirico's book, I know something is very wrong when a priest of his stature, defends something with it far removed from the reality of streets. The Free Market is not free as it is practiced today. It is more about isolating markets to a few. I also never really found it my sixty years of business experience.

As an advocate for workers dignity and the real free enterprise system, online since 1998, we now have thousands of resources and references
online. Search under tapart news, or ray tapajna files. Our main sites are at Tapart News and the lost worlds in the globalist free traders' Flat World.
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Any moral discussion about the so called free market and fabricated global economy makes many terms obsolete. We do not need any conspiracy theory to know globalization has not evolved in any natural fashion but has been driven by powerful forces outside the will of the people. Free trade is its tool. Free trade is the major cause of our economic crisis and discussions about the free market versus government are misguided since workers have no voice in the process. A worker has a right to property too and his main property is his labor. It is not something that can be owned by someone else. Workers are the real commodities being traded. They are put on a global block to compete with one another for the same jobs. See
especially Communications by Rank With out the proper distinctions any discussions about the so called free market versus government control no longer have the same meaning .

As an advocate for workers dignity, fair trade, the real free enterprise
system and local value added economies, online since 1998, I have
thousand of references and resources online. Search under,
tapart news, Ray Tapajna sites, tapsearcher or arklineart. After reading
Father Sirico's Free Market book I sense a vague definition of what the Free Market is. Having several businesses in my life, I never really found the so called Free Market. I worked in several factories while going to John Carroll U. and found a vast void between the factory floors and the college class rooms. Growing up in a family business, I found the business classes in both high school and college far removed from the real world. If free trade and the global economy is a part of the definition, then we certainly do not have a Free Market as historically defined. Today the so called Free Market isolates competition and Wall Street rewards company for firing workers not
hiring them. Pope John Paul said workers are not tools of Capitalism and now we have a economic stew of different "isms" with all participating
in the creation of a new working poor class. It is obvious free trade would have never passed if it had to be ratified by a popular vote.
Here at, I explore the latent response of religion
and philosophy to the global economic arena. I never suspected that someone like Father Robert Sirico would write a book defending the free market and leave so much out of the story. He even challenges the existence of unions.

The private sector production workers unions have been virtually gone for more than fifteen years. They represent only about 15 percent of the AFL CIO with public sector workers accounting for about 50 percent of the total. The service workers make up most of the remainder with most of them now in the working poor class. Even when the private sector production workers unions were arrogant, it is obvious all workers were better off no matter if they were in a union or not. I was on both sides of the strike lines and when I negotiated on the behalf of corporate management , I thought the unions were pushing pass the point of no return but they had a right to do it. I crossed picket lines many times to supply companies so they could keep going for the sake of the community. I had a burning two by four waved directly at my head by the very same people whose jobs I was trying to save.
Even after all this, I understood their rights to their property which was their labor.

Father Sirico misses the point. He talks about the rights to private property but does not include a worker's right to property which is their labor. Their labor is their property and the lend it out to others in return for wages. Rerum Novarum sorted out the rights of workers and owners. It is about owners making enough money to enjoy a decent living with the employees having the same opportunity.

We do not need any conspiracy theories to know globalization did not
evolve in any natural fashion but has been driven by powerful forces outside the will of the people. Workers have no voice in the process. Globalization uses free trade as its tool to spread the process. Free trade is not trade as historically practiced and defined. It is about moving production from place to place for the sake of cheaper labor. The main commodities being traded are
human beings who are put on a world trading block to compete for the same jobs down to the lowest levels of wage slave and even child labor. It is the new slave trade of our times with the so called free market isolating markets through this process. The so called free market has ransacked the real free enterprise system and fair trade. It is not a question of about government control versus a free market. It is now something else. Once President Obama bailed out the financial communities, the banks and large corporations, all bets are off . He did this while ignoring the suffering of workers with many losing everything it took a lifetime to accumulate. Virtually no one got the help they were promised if they lost their jobs or businesses to free trade. President Obama bailed out big money and put them back in charge of a failed system. This failed system is supported too by the conservative free market advocates. We have a new "ism" in the world that came unannounced in the form of globalization and free trade where all old "isms" have been mixed into one where greed rules.

The value of workers and labor has been deflated and degraded. This value is a real asset and money standard. Now it has been discounted to the point where no kind of economy can be supported be it flowing down down from government or private enterprise.

( We took a few days after finishing Father Sirico's book to take time to let it settle in and for me to settle down. I guess I am not there yet. I will continue this book review later on and it will be at Tapsearch Amazon Friends Since finishing the book, I have witnessed many in the working poor class, the underclass and the jobless population that radically impacted my objectivity. I will mention one example now. I was at a dollar store and overheard an older couple trying to decide about buying a bottle of rubbing alcohol which cost only a dollar. The husband told the wife to get it for her pain and she said they could not afford to buy it yet. We live in an age where electronic trinkets are everywhere made by workers who work for practically nothing and no one seems to relate to this. There are more than a billion people in the world willing to work for practically nothing and this is the free market Father Sirico is defending. The working poor in this country can not even afford the cheaper imports now and the impoverished workers in other countries can not afford to buy the very things they make.

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