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The Rationale Quest - Politics, Economics and Philosophy

Explore the latent response of philosophy and philosophy to the global economic arena. Early posts include the study of heresies in the early church and the problems of Liberalism and Raw Capitalism in our times

An economic plague surges

December 5th 2012 22:31
Ray Tapajna Living Journal Keeping History Straight

A Bewildered New World suffering in an economic plague

.... and it is coming your way.

Millions of workers lose their jobs due to free trade. It still is the major cause behind our economic crisis

Our leaders, the media and so called experts take us down dark roads in the global economic arena with very few telling it like it really is.
President election debates leave out the the real problems. The core of our economic and jobs crisis is free trade and globalization with the trade deficit representing the loss of trillions of dollars of value lost forever. This lost value tells the real story of our times.

When I look at my compatibility manuals of all the computer manufacturers that once thrived, I find most of them gone from the face of the earth. The same applies when I look through the pages of my sales / prospect book that I carried for more than thirty years. There are a few crossed out indicating their closing down but now I can black out full pages of companies that no longer are there. Many of these companies had a history of fifty to hundred years in business. I drive pass some the places where they once were and now there are only empty employee parking lots left with weeds growing through the cracks of concrete and asphalt. It is like something plaque came by and took it all away. The sames applies to the downtown area that once had several world headquarters for some of the largest manufacturers in the world.
It was also place full of major advertising offices, big and small retailers and many air line offices. Banks also had major offices downtown. Once I was able to spend a whole day just calling on accounts within a ten block area. There were times when you had to walk to account since the street traffic was so dense. Walking was faster than using the shuttle bus service. Now there are rows of empty and half filled office buildings. A gambling casino is now on public square. There are two new sports stadiums and an arena built by taxpayers money. The city leaders tell us they bring business downtown but it is not the kind of money that once recycled our economy. It is a take away game in the end. I also drive down miles of major main streets full of empty store fronts and empty factories throughout the city and the suburbs. The economic plague hit in many ways.

Our leaders, the media and so called experts tell us this represents only an economic cycle which happens to occur every few years. They call it a recession and things like that. The hide the fact that a new working poor class has replaced the middle class. The term underemployment has lost its meaning since so many are now in that category. The unemployment rate is a sham with only about 38 percent of all workers qualifying for unemployment insurance. They do not tell us how the other 60 percent exists. Reportedly, about 50 percent of our human resources in the U.S. is not being used. And this economic cycle has now lasted more than twenty years with a whole new generation not having any experience of the way things once were.

In 1994, President Clinton ignored a petition signed my thousands about 40 million people in America being hungry. Instead we saw him jogging on the streets of Washington and stopping at McDonalds where he proclaimed statistical prosperity. Now the food bank in our city, provides meals for 330,000 people. Last year they set a record of serving 33 million meals. Yet there is a gap of 57 million meals annually in our area. Even those with moderate incomes are skipping meals to pay for more pressing needs. More Americans are living in poverty than at any other time in U.S. history. The news report tell us about the slight increases and decreases in the unemployment rate and in the economy but many children go to bed hungry not being able to eat the statistics. I know a teacher who bribed her students to come for tutoring help by offering food. It was the only thing that worked.

Howard G. Buffet, son of Warren Buffet, is in farming trying to increase the production of food and now is focusing on Feeding America. He tells about attending a Thanksgiving dinner at Harris Elementary School in Decatur, where 92 percent of the children are on free or reduced-cost lunches. The school sits in a community that has the largest food-processing facility in the world for corn and the second largest for soybeans. !,500 to 2,000 train cars roll out these plants and through the children's neighborhood. He does not tell about giant agricultural companies getting government subsidies for their corn and soy crops. We now have both public and corporate welfare that do not serve the common good. The economic plaque hides the causes of the economic disease. President Roosevelt said economic diseases are highly communicable. We call it an economic plague. It exists in an unreported silent depression and it is coming your way.

More at Free Trade Cancer

Workers' Dignity Betrayed

There was a time in Rome when it was better being a slave than a free man. One of the major reason Rome failed was their outsourcing and insourcing of workers. When the workers rebelled, the Roman economy based on making money on money imploded.

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Comment by Tapsearch Com Editor

December 5th 2012 23:40
Economics is more of an art form today than a science. It is based on a measurements which begin at point of make believe. Once the statistics start to roll off the charts this way, there are few ways to back to the the point of make believe and start out right again.

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