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The Rationale Quest - Politics, Economics and Philosophy

Explore the latent response of philosophy and philosophy to the global economic arena. Early posts include the study of heresies in the early church and the problems of Liberalism and Raw Capitalism in our times

Economic Parity is a holy thing to do

February 8th 2013 21:59
The World- Handle it with Care or suffer the consequences
Ray Tapajna:

Sweatshop Letter from the Ethicsbox

Economic Parity = Common Good = A Good Society for All

If we do not understand how every purchase we make, affects us and society and many ways, there is little hope of ever getting out of our economic crisis. We need economic parity where the value of work and labor match up with the value of money with investments now divorced from production. The investment community is operating as a separate process from the production process with owners of businesses using impoverished workers in other lands. In the investment computing they talk about PPP or Purchasing Power Pricing where economically where countries have different valuation of their money. The use the PPP to economically measure this difference but does not measure the value of workers and labor this way.

It is impossible to have a good economy in a local setting when production a and the stock market are divided from the value of workers and labor. Each nation needs its own economic parity to support the needs of their society. Free trade has created a new vast working poor class in the USA. Workers lost the better paying jobs to workers in other countries who in turn do not make enough money to buy the very things they make. It is an endless cycle to the bottom since there are more than a billion workers in the world ready to work for practically nothing.

We need to find a way to stop saying, "I have mine, why don't you have yours."

If the purchasing power of workers dwindles away in the most prosperous
nations, there is no one left to support the free trade process. Impoverished workers can not build an economy out of nothing. They need their workers to have purchasing power too. When production is divorced from investment, there is no way of making this happen especially when a working poor class grows wider in other countries. The American workers have shopped their way out of good jobs and still are doing it. When workers make only $7.00 and hour when they need to make at least $12 and hour to support the free trade process, everything starts breaking down. Now our economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out. The stock market grows values in its own compartment and this growth does not mean other parts of the economies can grow accordingly. In fact, the stock market can grow in value at the expense of others in a society. This leaves many in need with no place to go since governments have to cut programs that support the lower levels of a society.

The Trade Deficit has broken records for more about a generation now with
trillions of dollars lost in value forever. President Obama had to bail out the investment community, Wall Street , banks and major manufacturers.

At the same time many business processes are subsidized with no way of knowing what is a good business model. When someone gets something extra from the government, someone wins and someone loses. Nothing matches up and in the end we have taken tariffs off products and put them on future generations just to survive in the present time. In the past decade and more, states have even used taxpayer money to pay foreign auto makers to build assembly plants in their state. In most case the taxpayers never really get this money back in terms of the value they put into the enterprises as the value of workers and labor keep being deflated and degraded with all these manipulations. Cities have built sports complexes, stadiums, gambling casinos and convention centers too with taxpayer money and this process remains a take away proposition with the taxpayers not ever really gaining much from any of these ventures.

The covenant between business and workers with the whole of society being affected has broken down. We have a lost leader economy where companies compete to the point of doing business for years without making any mark up on the things they make or grow. Many use these unfair business practices to take over markets while business using sound business practices are put out of business.
Ray Tapajna

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