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The Rationale Quest - Politics, Economics and Philosophy

Explore the latent response of philosophy and philosophy to the global economic arena. Early posts include the study of heresies in the early church and the problems of Liberalism and Raw Capitalism in our times

Burn-out Society

February 28th 2013 19:40
Ray Tapajna Living Journals now are a history of our economic day
Economic Day trips over itself in race to bottom leaving burn out society behind

What is the weakest link in the economic chain
.... as we try to live out our lives in the global economic arena

We can debate the issue of government entanglement with economic events as a major cause of our economic and debt crisis. However, the weakest link in our economic chain is shoppers and buyers. Our economic day is not separate from our spiritual life but many go through life as if it is. A 70-page report, published in the 1970s, by the National Council of Churches, said that most laymen find little help in living their faith in secular institutions where the spend most of their time. Since then, the value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated even more with free trade and globalization being steered by elite powerful forces outside the will of the people. Those forces found a way to entice consumers in their purchasing habits to seek the lowest prices possible without concerning themselves about the effects on society as a whole.

A sophist conscience has taken over where a useful good has been converted into a supposedly a real good even though it is a result of raw competition where anything goes to create the cheapest prices possible. When I told some people this, they say it is only human nature to shop for the lowest possible price no matter what. Is this what human nature is all about where one seeks individual benefits from the suffering of others. We now have an economic condition where impoverished workers are used to provide for many of our needs and obsessive things like electronic devices that are like the trinkets.

It is like the first settlers trading with the Indians for trinkets or like the clipper ships opium trades in the orient in our history. The drug trade today is interwoven into our economies where money is laundered through corporations of all sorts. The money values merged with the margins on regular products.

Every buy you make leaves a trail behind it that circles back to you.With free trade this means the price you pay affects you in many ways.Millions of workers have lost their jobs due to free trade. Many jobs are gone forever. Wages have been cut in half for many. Wages have gone down- not up because there are more than a billion workers in the world that are willing to work for practically nothing to survive.

We also have a "lost leader" economy where things are sold under costs where companies undercut the market to grab market share and to isolate competition. Free trade created giant transnational corporations which get a cash flow based on irregular practices. Giant agricultural corporations subsidized by government money put out even subsistence living farmers. The only cash crop left for many of these farmers to make a living is the drug trade. Many corporations knowingly or unknowingly launder the money in the general course of doing business where margin on the goods they make or sell can be sold near or below costs of doing business. They choose to make their money in other ways or by questionable money investments

When President Obama bailed out the financial communities, he started another process. Now there is a policy where banks and investment communities are labeled as "to big to fail." People like J P Morgan received a 25 billion dollar payout in 2008. Recently, they announced having to cut 4,000 workers in the coming year in order to survive. This happens while we hear about another small manufacturer closes down in the U.S.

The bail outs represent a tariff on future generations. There is very little economic data how this will all evolve. It is an endless race to the bottom.

Other bail out and subsidization processes rule the game in industries
like the auto industry where no one really knows what a good economic model is for making automobiles. Many states in the U.S. gave millions of dollars to foreign auto makers to assemble their cars in the U.S. It will take years to figure if there was any return for taxpayers who funded these enterprises. Most likely they never will.

So when you go to buy something these days, all these things boomerang back to you. We are now voting for what kind of society we want more in the check out line than we do in the voting booth. Most everything we buy degrades society now. American workers in particular cannot compete with people making only $10 and less or $45 a week. In the end, a burn-out society is the only thing left.

Globally, it causes wars and bloody protests. Apparently, it is all coming to your own front door soon.

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Comments by Ray Tapajna | The Economist
Is it over before it's over ?

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Comment by Tapsearch Com Editor

February 28th 2013 19:42
Exploring the lost worlds in the global economic arena

.... Remember the old joke.... " what are you selling this time - cancer???

An if the "Green Earth" issue is a priority for you, you should know that only about 15 super container ships pollute the world more than all the cars in the world. And our ports and the areas near them are poisoned by them and all the long haul trucks coming and going. Free trade is a dirty business in more ways than one. The U.S. not only moves factories to find cheaper labor but also to escape the dirty manufacturing problems and we should all know there are no walls in the sky to protect us from the pollution no matter where it comes from.

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