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The Rationale Quest - Politics, Economics and Philosophy

Explore the latent response of philosophy and philosophy to the global economic arena. Early posts include the study of heresies in the early church and the problems of Liberalism and Raw Capitalism in our times

Economic Cannibalization

February 21st 2013 17:15
The Rationale Journal
- Ray Tapajna Living Journals -

What happens when an economy is cannibalized? Is it a moral question too?

What is left when an economy is cannibalized without any moral economic standards

In the Military, officers have to sign for equipment and stores and are responsible for them until they are reassigned or leave the services. When I was in the army, there was young officer who served his tour of duty and just
wanted to go home but could not account for a railroad locomotive. The
locomotive disappeared and could not be found anywhere. After a long
investigation, they found that the locomotive had been cannibalized for parts little by little over a period of years until nothing was left of it or traceable. Now the same applies to our economies big and small. We live in a free trade world in a so called free market where nothing is all in one place.

This is what is left of our economies. In many countries, it has been taken apart , little by little and shipped across the world. In the end we only have parts of it left that are not traceable to any understanding of what a real economy should be. In the process the investment community has separated itself from production with each going in their own direction down roads without and intersections. Investments are a maze of money values bouncing all over the place not only separated from production but from the common understanding of mark ups and margins. The stock market thrives on workers getting fired instead of hired and call it an increase in efficiency. The production sector is cannibalized to the point where it value is spread every which way across the globe. This destroys the added values we once enjoyed with our economy recycling itself in a up and down process from the raw product stage up through about five to seven levels of added value to the retail level. When the money came in in a balanced local and regional settings, it started the process all over again recycling the economy. The money followed the trail of markup and margin with it merged with the production process. It was not an empty gong of Wall Street where they even bet on values falling apart.

When free trade came and shifted production from place to place for the sake of cheaper and cheaper labor while money was on its own course where economist thought they could make money on money and treat it as
an actual product all its own. The financial markets fell apart when they kept that manipulating the value money that did not grow into any real value. The and the value of workers and labor was a better money standard than all of the money in the world which was based on creating money out of nothing and charging interest on it. The value of gold bullion has exploded but it too is now a tricky investment since the value does not have much to compare with. In fact as the price of gold climbs and climbs it opens the door to very dangerous conditions because all the gold in the world can not really replace the value of workers and labor. Hoarding gold and silver does not offer the same safety as it once did. The higher the value of gold climbs the more shaky the whole economic process gets. It means our economic systems are broken. The free trade economists told everyone for years that the trade deficit was just an economic measurement and not something real anymore.
However, the trade deficit is based on the value of workers and labor and trillions dollars in value based on a middle class production worker class has been lost forever while there are more than a billion workers in the world now who are willing to work for practically nothing struggling to survive And in the end , you can not do business with people who do not have money.

Our economies have been cannibalized and trying to put all the parts back is a difficult task and perhaps an impossible one . President Obama bailed out big money in this failed system but all he did was to buy some time while he ignored the plight of the workers and worst yet what their value is in a working economy.

Our moral leaders do not understand what is happening and just use the same old words that are great to hear but really mean nothing on the streets.
People now vote more in the cash register line than they do in the voting booth about what kind of life they want. It starts from there down the roads to nowhere, when our economies have been cannibalized. Who will tell our grandchildren and their children, why we left this happen. And why is no one in our churches at least talking about it even if they do not understand the mechanics of what is happening.

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Comment by Tapsearch Com Editor

February 21st 2013 17:19
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Note especially book review of Father Sirico's Defending the Free Market and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

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