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Explore the latent response of philosophy and philosophy to the global economic arena. Early posts include the study of heresies in the early church and the problems of Liberalism and Raw Capitalism in our times

Workers sacrificed on the altar of greed

February 14th 2013 18:59
Free Trade Cancer Spreads - Ray Tapajna Living Journals

Workers sacrificed on the Altar of Greed.
Broken Covenant between Society & Workers.
Leaves a Broken Society

President FD Roosevelt said economic diseases are highly communicable. Free trade has been spreading as a economic disease for more than a generation now. A covenant between workers and investors has left a broken society. Business owners should be able to enjoy a markup on their goods they produce to provide them with a decent living but also provide similar benefits for all the workers they use in the process. And there should be enough left over to fill the voids since in a competitive world, someone wins and someone loses. With free trade everything is disjointed.
The writing was on the wall years ago. Sir James Goldsmith who was a corporate raider who changed his ways and wrote the book The Trap . The Trap predicted the economic crisis years ago being published in 1993. It was a best seller in France. ( Book reviewed at Really Long Link ) Sir James Goldsmith went into politics and was a Populist leader in both England and France. He was a candidate for the top office in England. He died before he could complete his mission.
Prior to that , Katherine S Newman, Associate Professor and Fellow for American Cultural Studies at Columbia University wrote the book – Falling from Grace in 1988. She wrote about the downward mobility of the middle class. — “Downward mobility is not merely a matter of accepting a menial job, enduring a loss of stability, or – the loss of material comfort – but it is also a broken covenant.” Adam Smith held labor as something sacred and the core of all society. When free trade came the value of workers and labor was degraded and deflated. This value which is actually a money standard in itself was separated from the investment community. This is why the stock market can thrive on people getting fired instead of hired. The understood covenant between workers and owners was broken. Rerum Novarum, the economic encyclical by Pope Leo in the 1891 set the standard for workers' dignity in the society.
Wage Slave Trade
When this covenant is broken, society is left broken too. The current protests are not about one side of the political spectrum going against the other site, it is about this broken covenant. Workers have title to their jobs. They own the works of their hands. Free trade came and “commoditized” them making them tools of globalization and free trade.Workers are the real commodities being traded with the lowest common denominator being wage slave and even child labor. Workers are put on a world trading block to compete with one another for the same jobs. It is similar to the slave trade many dismissed as just trade years many years ago. Workers are finding that they have not had a voice in the free trade and globalization process are now protesting across the world. Capital investment and production are running parallel with each other but never intersect to resolve the crisis of common good in society.

Pope Benedict in his economic encyclical, suggests the use of subsidiarity which means to make all decisions at the lowest levels possible. This the crux of the matter with our leaders, educators and the media having a plantation owner mentality thinking they know what is good for the workers of the world. This should haunt all men and women of good will who control the flow of wealth. The value of workers and labor has been sacrificed on the altar of greed.

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