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The Rationale Quest - Politics, Economics and Philosophy

Explore the latent response of philosophy and philosophy to the global economic arena. Early posts include the study of heresies in the early church and the problems of Liberalism and Raw Capitalism in our times

New Pope Francis opens the door

March 17th 2013 22:04
Pope Benedict Economic Encyclical - Ray Tapajna Living Journal Review

Published letter from the Cleveland Plain Dealer about new Pope Francis

Inspired by another St. Francis?

Other Voices By Other Voices
March 15, 2013

The news relating to Pope Francis mentions St. Francis Assisi and St. Francis Xavier, but there is another St Francis who may fit our times better: He is St. Francis DeSales.

Along with St. Jane de Chantal, DeSales founded the women's Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary. He was St. Jane's spiritual director; but in the end, St. Jane counseled him.

His most famous book is "Introduction to the Devout Life," written especially for lay people. He stressed love over penance as a way to ease the heart and soul. He stressed preserving the heart and soul with an evenness of spirit. He talked about doves who make the same sound in both the good times and the bad times; he called it the sweet law of the doves. In this way, he said, we could control that part of us that wants to go to war.

Such a soul is never dismayed either by difficulties of the road it has taken or by the greatness of the work involved. I call it the gift of "holy indifference," where we can go outside ourselves without taking down our heart or soul in the process. We preserve them for our beloved spouse, Jesus.

Our new Pope Francis appears to have these traits.

Ray Tapajna, Cleveland

Philosophy can only bring you to the door of Faith. Then you can knock on the door for Jesus to open it for the rest of the way into his heart. It seems our new Pope Francis has a way of opening the door for you. With my advocacy being dedicated to workers dignity, I look forward to Pope Francis thoughts about the economic day and the seeking the life ideal on earth for all in society.

Pope Francis reminds me of DeSales, my favorite saint. DeSales was a gentle compassionate man. He taught me to take it easy on my heart and soul and not to hammer them for my sins. There is a great story about him being the spiritual director for St Jane Frances de Chantel. The two of them
founded the Order of Visitation of Holy Mary sisters. Towards the end, things changed and the St Jane Frances became DeSale's spiritual director in many circumstances of their relationship. Pope Francis tells us about St Francis of Assisi and his need to serve the poor. For me DeSales touched me the most spiritually. Give him a try and let him open the door for you.

The merger of the work day with our spiritual day

He evidently opened the door for Don Bosco, who founded the Salesian Order for priests with DeSales as his example more than 200 years after DeSales death. The Salesian Order is dedicated to impoverished, the working poor and youthful workers. It may be time for more to unfold for the sake of the working poor and the impoverished workers of the world. It may be time for Pope Francis to connect the work day with the spiritual day in other ways.. Followers of DeSales now have two great order of priests and nuns.

...The Visitation Order was founded in 1610 by Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane Frances de Chantal in Annecy, Haute-Savoie, France. The special charism of the Visitation Order combines gentleness with a valiant spirit; initiative with communal support; dedication to prayer with presence in the world; and in contemplative life with an apostolic dimension. The order's motto is "Vive Jésus" (French for "Live Jesus")

The Order spread from France throughout Europe and to North America.
Today the Order numbers approximately 3,000 Sisters in 168 monasteries located in most countries of the world. In the United States there are 12 monasteries in two federations.


A bishop shuts door of hope

March 10th 2013 21:32
Review of Pope Benedict's economic encyclicalfrom Ray Tapajna Living Journals

church closings, christian community, bishop shuts door of faith,
Church demolished where a group of us tried to form a closer Christian Community

Seeking the life ideal in Christian Communities is marred by the closing of churches
Who knows more about the difference between hope and false religion?

A new Bishop came to Cleveland, known for his closing of churches in Boston. Bishop Lennon closed 50 churches in Cleveland, citing changes in demographics and shortages of priests. Thirteen parishes appealed to the Vatican and were allowed to reopen. Most likely more would have been reopened if they had applied. In the process, one community refused to go to other parishes and went to a warehouse to celebrate the liturgy. In time, their pastor folloed them in the move. Later their old church St Peters won an appeal to reopen. However, the community of 300 people who chose Father Robert Marrone to be their Pastor, stayed as a community in their own worship facility. Now Bishop Lennon has excommunicated Father Robert Marrone from the church noting the taking of communion there is no longer valid. St Peters Church is back but there are only 75 people came back.

At Church closings close hearts and souls in August 2010, I wrote how the closings impacted my life. We invite all to read this article relative to the recent closing of churches As long as the the Church is sterile in expressing Jesus in the work day where people spend most of their time and energy, there is very little hope for the Church to succeed in its mission of establishing the Body of Christ on earth. If you close churches in an economic style of the corporate world, we just aggravate the problems and we are doomed to more failures. In the end more souls and hearts are wounded. In an article about sports, a writer says something that can easily be related to the events flowing from closing of churches. In describing the struggles of sports teams in our city, the writer says , " I expect the them (the people) to know the difference between hope and false religion. The same thoughts can apply to Christian Community.

About a year before Bishop Lennon came to town, St Andrews church was
demolished. It was in the inner city where a group of us met in the celebration of the Eucharist. Years ago, a group of us were seeking closer Christian community and elected our own pastor to lead us. He was a wonderful priest who had several gifts of the spirit to guide us on our way. We never thought we were violating an church law by trying to gather as one in community. A church, a parish, a pastor and living in community had different meanings for us. A church is a building which is part of a community and not necessarily the same thing. The same applied to what a pastor should be. Just because a priest in ordained into the ministry does not necessarily mean he is a pastor. A pastor is a shepherd who guides his flock to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. It takes a gift of the Spirit to accomplish this and a pastor
should be a person who is elected to the position by members of a community who affirm a person having this gift. It is not something automatic or something just coming from a hierarchy line of command. When St Andrews was torn down, perhaps it was a sign of things to come where the hierarchy line of command takes precedence over people seeking the life ideal in closer Christian community.

About forty years ago, my family celebrated the Mass in our home on New
Years eve. The last time, we did this, it was concelebrated by three priests in our home with about eighty people in attendance. One of the priest was from the parish nearby. One was a missionary and the other was a Monsignor in the church. There were considerations we had to honor but we would have never thought we would be subject to the threat of excommunication. We loved the church up and down the line. We as people just wanted to seek the life ideal in Christ in a more intimate way.

Some of us were active in the Cursillo and the Charistmatic movements in the Catholic Church. The Cursillo was a dynamic three day course in a deeper walk with the Lord. It did not end after three days with the fourth day being the rest of our lives. We had weekly meetings called Ultreyas where we met every week to tell each other in groups what the closest moment to Jesus was during the past week. After about a year of study and classes, I had the honor of giving the action talk at a Cursillo which Bishop Cosgrove directed. It still remains one of the closest moments I ever had with Jesus. Bishop Cosgrove has a center in Cleveland named after him where many of the needy are served. He had many gifts of the Spirit although he was not part of the Charistmatic movement. The only caution, he ever gave me was once saying to me - " Take it easy on that stuff", as if too much of anything is not necessarily a good thing.

In the present day, I do not know that much about the St Peter community. Perhaps they may be pressing for too much of a good thing. Perhaps Bishop Lennon is just doing his job. However, I sense a great need for groups of people to search for the life ideal in close Christian Community especially in the present time when so many things are upside down.

God can use any order of things to deliver His saving grace. He can use
the natural order, the spiritual order or a supernatural order to do
it. Perhaps, He is waiting for us to do the right thing in the natural order of things and where we spend most of our day in a secular world with economic day acting as a stumbling block in seeking the Perfect Love of God on earth. No matter what all orders of things must be eventually in sync with His Divine Order leading to His Perfect Love. As the song goes, wonderful things happen when God mixes with man. There also is no reason for hindering people from seeking a closer walk with Him in closer Christian communities.
We write about communitarianism at
Really Long Link Just because the Marxists and Communist tried to steal our thunder does not mean, we should not seek out ways to live together in closer Christian Community. We should not settle for a one size fits all road to salvation. We can have many different communities with many taking in the economic day as a pivotal point. Pope Benedict in his economic encyclical suggests the practice of "subsidiarity" which means all decisions should be made at the lowest levels possible. Obviously this is not happening with workers having no voice in their destiny on earth.

As a host for the weekly Ultreya meetings in our region for a few years, I found that the economic day was a stumbling block for many in pursuing the saving grace of Jesus. Many were unable to get past it and slowly faded away. The dark side never gives up in the competition for souls. In history, we have many examples of the dark side trying to imitate the early Christians in the Bible who tried to tie the economic day with their spiritual day. It is said they held everything in common. The dark side tried to sell Communism and Marxism this way but ignored the fact sharing things in common meant just that including headship and power.

We see St Paul counseling the different communities in different ways. There was not just one way. Today the dark side seeks to conquer the economic day with money and power as their tools.

This applies to a Bishop closing churches in corporate economic ways and blind to the need of individual community needs to live out their lives seeking the life ideal of God's Perfect Love.

Alan Greenspan, former Director of the Federal Reserve Bank, spends a great deal of time in his book The Age of Turbulence in attacking the concepts of New Harmony which was one of the first attempts in modern
history to form a Christian Community by including the economic day in the whole pursuit of God's saving grace and His Perfect Love. On the surface, history tends to show this attempt as a failure. Still many relate to the experiment in many ways. Alan Greenspan puts it down as something that will never happen in the real world. He dares to say that the free market is best at accommodating the spiritual day.

And this is why we relate the closing of churches by a Bishop and hindering real Christian Community to form in our times. The people can distinguish between hope and false religion and Cardinal Newman, who was a convert to the church said, ... All must follow their own conscience even if it is ill-informed.

Burn-out Society

February 28th 2013 19:40
Ray Tapajna Living Journals now are a history of our economic day
Economic Day trips over itself in race to bottom leaving burn out society behind

What is the weakest link in the economic chain
.... as we try to live out our lives in the global economic arena

We can debate the issue of government entanglement with economic events as a major cause of our economic and debt crisis. However, the weakest link in our economic chain is shoppers and buyers. Our economic day is not separate from our spiritual life but many go through life as if it is. A 70-page report, published in the 1970s, by the National Council of Churches, said that most laymen find little help in living their faith in secular institutions where the spend most of their time. Since then, the value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated even more with free trade and globalization being steered by elite powerful forces outside the will of the people. Those forces found a way to entice consumers in their purchasing habits to seek the lowest prices possible without concerning themselves about the effects on society as a whole.

A sophist conscience has taken over where a useful good has been converted into a supposedly a real good even though it is a result of raw competition where anything goes to create the cheapest prices possible. When I told some people this, they say it is only human nature to shop for the lowest possible price no matter what. Is this what human nature is all about where one seeks individual benefits from the suffering of others. We now have an economic condition where impoverished workers are used to provide for many of our needs and obsessive things like electronic devices that are like the trinkets.

It is like the first settlers trading with the Indians for trinkets or like the clipper ships opium trades in the orient in our history. The drug trade today is interwoven into our economies where money is laundered through corporations of all sorts. The money values merged with the margins on regular products.

Every buy you make leaves a trail behind it that circles back to you.With free trade this means the price you pay affects you in many ways.Millions of workers have lost their jobs due to free trade. Many jobs are gone forever. Wages have been cut in half for many. Wages have gone down- not up because there are more than a billion workers in the world that are willing to work for practically nothing to survive.

We also have a "lost leader" economy where things are sold under costs where companies undercut the market to grab market share and to isolate competition. Free trade created giant transnational corporations which get a cash flow based on irregular practices. Giant agricultural corporations subsidized by government money put out even subsistence living farmers. The only cash crop left for many of these farmers to make a living is the drug trade. Many corporations knowingly or unknowingly launder the money in the general course of doing business where margin on the goods they make or sell can be sold near or below costs of doing business. They choose to make their money in other ways or by questionable money investments

When President Obama bailed out the financial communities, he started another process. Now there is a policy where banks and investment communities are labeled as "to big to fail." People like J P Morgan received a 25 billion dollar payout in 2008. Recently, they announced having to cut 4,000 workers in the coming year in order to survive. This happens while we hear about another small manufacturer closes down in the U.S.

The bail outs represent a tariff on future generations. There is very little economic data how this will all evolve. It is an endless race to the bottom.

Other bail out and subsidization processes rule the game in industries
like the auto industry where no one really knows what a good economic model is for making automobiles. Many states in the U.S. gave millions of dollars to foreign auto makers to assemble their cars in the U.S. It will take years to figure if there was any return for taxpayers who funded these enterprises. Most likely they never will.

So when you go to buy something these days, all these things boomerang back to you. We are now voting for what kind of society we want more in the check out line than we do in the voting booth. Most everything we buy degrades society now. American workers in particular cannot compete with people making only $10 and less or $45 a week. In the end, a burn-out society is the only thing left.

Globally, it causes wars and bloody protests. Apparently, it is all coming to your own front door soon.

See also
Plantation owner economic mentality
at The Worlds News Net

Comments by Ray Tapajna | The Economist
Is it over before it's over ?


Economic Cannibalization

February 21st 2013 17:15
The Rationale Journal
- Ray Tapajna Living Journals -

What happens when an economy is cannibalized? Is it a moral question too?

What is left when an economy is cannibalized without any moral economic standards

In the Military, officers have to sign for equipment and stores and are responsible for them until they are reassigned or leave the services. When I was in the army, there was young officer who served his tour of duty and just
wanted to go home but could not account for a railroad locomotive. The
locomotive disappeared and could not be found anywhere. After a long
investigation, they found that the locomotive had been cannibalized for parts little by little over a period of years until nothing was left of it or traceable. Now the same applies to our economies big and small. We live in a free trade world in a so called free market where nothing is all in one place.

This is what is left of our economies. In many countries, it has been taken apart , little by little and shipped across the world. In the end we only have parts of it left that are not traceable to any understanding of what a real economy should be. In the process the investment community has separated itself from production with each going in their own direction down roads without and intersections. Investments are a maze of money values bouncing all over the place not only separated from production but from the common understanding of mark ups and margins. The stock market thrives on workers getting fired instead of hired and call it an increase in efficiency. The production sector is cannibalized to the point where it value is spread every which way across the globe. This destroys the added values we once enjoyed with our economy recycling itself in a up and down process from the raw product stage up through about five to seven levels of added value to the retail level. When the money came in in a balanced local and regional settings, it started the process all over again recycling the economy. The money followed the trail of markup and margin with it merged with the production process. It was not an empty gong of Wall Street where they even bet on values falling apart.

When free trade came and shifted production from place to place for the sake of cheaper and cheaper labor while money was on its own course where economist thought they could make money on money and treat it as
an actual product all its own. The financial markets fell apart when they kept that manipulating the value money that did not grow into any real value. The and the value of workers and labor was a better money standard than all of the money in the world which was based on creating money out of nothing and charging interest on it. The value of gold bullion has exploded but it too is now a tricky investment since the value does not have much to compare with. In fact as the price of gold climbs and climbs it opens the door to very dangerous conditions because all the gold in the world can not really replace the value of workers and labor. Hoarding gold and silver does not offer the same safety as it once did. The higher the value of gold climbs the more shaky the whole economic process gets. It means our economic systems are broken. The free trade economists told everyone for years that the trade deficit was just an economic measurement and not something real anymore.
However, the trade deficit is based on the value of workers and labor and trillions dollars in value based on a middle class production worker class has been lost forever while there are more than a billion workers in the world now who are willing to work for practically nothing struggling to survive And in the end , you can not do business with people who do not have money.

Our economies have been cannibalized and trying to put all the parts back is a difficult task and perhaps an impossible one . President Obama bailed out big money in this failed system but all he did was to buy some time while he ignored the plight of the workers and worst yet what their value is in a working economy.

Our moral leaders do not understand what is happening and just use the same old words that are great to hear but really mean nothing on the streets.
People now vote more in the cash register line than they do in the voting booth about what kind of life they want. It starts from there down the roads to nowhere, when our economies have been cannibalized. Who will tell our grandchildren and their children, why we left this happen. And why is no one in our churches at least talking about it even if they do not understand the mechanics of what is happening.

Workers sacrificed on the altar of greed

February 14th 2013 18:59
Free Trade Cancer Spreads - Ray Tapajna Living Journals

Workers sacrificed on the Altar of Greed.
Broken Covenant between Society & Workers.
Leaves a Broken Society

President FD Roosevelt said economic diseases are highly communicable. Free trade has been spreading as a economic disease for more than a generation now. A covenant between workers and investors has left a broken society. Business owners should be able to enjoy a markup on their goods they produce to provide them with a decent living but also provide similar benefits for all the workers they use in the process. And there should be enough left over to fill the voids since in a competitive world, someone wins and someone loses. With free trade everything is disjointed.
The writing was on the wall years ago. Sir James Goldsmith who was a corporate raider who changed his ways and wrote the book The Trap . The Trap predicted the economic crisis years ago being published in 1993. It was a best seller in France. ( Book reviewed at Really Long Link ) Sir James Goldsmith went into politics and was a Populist leader in both England and France. He was a candidate for the top office in England. He died before he could complete his mission.
Prior to that , Katherine S Newman, Associate Professor and Fellow for American Cultural Studies at Columbia University wrote the book – Falling from Grace in 1988. She wrote about the downward mobility of the middle class. — “Downward mobility is not merely a matter of accepting a menial job, enduring a loss of stability, or – the loss of material comfort – but it is also a broken covenant.” Adam Smith held labor as something sacred and the core of all society. When free trade came the value of workers and labor was degraded and deflated. This value which is actually a money standard in itself was separated from the investment community. This is why the stock market can thrive on people getting fired instead of hired. The understood covenant between workers and owners was broken. Rerum Novarum, the economic encyclical by Pope Leo in the 1891 set the standard for workers' dignity in the society.
Wage Slave Trade
When this covenant is broken, society is left broken too. The current protests are not about one side of the political spectrum going against the other site, it is about this broken covenant. Workers have title to their jobs. They own the works of their hands. Free trade came and “commoditized” them making them tools of globalization and free trade.Workers are the real commodities being traded with the lowest common denominator being wage slave and even child labor. Workers are put on a world trading block to compete with one another for the same jobs. It is similar to the slave trade many dismissed as just trade years many years ago. Workers are finding that they have not had a voice in the free trade and globalization process are now protesting across the world. Capital investment and production are running parallel with each other but never intersect to resolve the crisis of common good in society.

Pope Benedict in his economic encyclical, suggests the use of subsidiarity which means to make all decisions at the lowest levels possible. This the crux of the matter with our leaders, educators and the media having a plantation owner mentality thinking they know what is good for the workers of the world. This should haunt all men and women of good will who control the flow of wealth. The value of workers and labor has been sacrificed on the altar of greed.

Ref Communications by Rank

Economic Parity is a holy thing to do

February 8th 2013 21:59
The World- Handle it with Care or suffer the consequences
Ray Tapajna:

Sweatshop Letter from the Ethicsbox

Economic Parity = Common Good = A Good Society for All

If we do not understand how every purchase we make, affects us and society and many ways, there is little hope of ever getting out of our economic crisis. We need economic parity where the value of work and labor match up with the value of money with investments now divorced from production. The investment community is operating as a separate process from the production process with owners of businesses using impoverished workers in other lands. In the investment computing they talk about PPP or Purchasing Power Pricing where economically where countries have different valuation of their money. The use the PPP to economically measure this difference but does not measure the value of workers and labor this way.

It is impossible to have a good economy in a local setting when production a and the stock market are divided from the value of workers and labor. Each nation needs its own economic parity to support the needs of their society. Free trade has created a new vast working poor class in the USA. Workers lost the better paying jobs to workers in other countries who in turn do not make enough money to buy the very things they make. It is an endless cycle to the bottom since there are more than a billion workers in the world ready to work for practically nothing.

We need to find a way to stop saying, "I have mine, why don't you have yours."

If the purchasing power of workers dwindles away in the most prosperous
nations, there is no one left to support the free trade process. Impoverished workers can not build an economy out of nothing. They need their workers to have purchasing power too. When production is divorced from investment, there is no way of making this happen especially when a working poor class grows wider in other countries. The American workers have shopped their way out of good jobs and still are doing it. When workers make only $7.00 and hour when they need to make at least $12 and hour to support the free trade process, everything starts breaking down. Now our economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out. The stock market grows values in its own compartment and this growth does not mean other parts of the economies can grow accordingly. In fact, the stock market can grow in value at the expense of others in a society. This leaves many in need with no place to go since governments have to cut programs that support the lower levels of a society.

The Trade Deficit has broken records for more about a generation now with
trillions of dollars lost in value forever. President Obama had to bail out the investment community, Wall Street , banks and major manufacturers.

At the same time many business processes are subsidized with no way of knowing what is a good business model. When someone gets something extra from the government, someone wins and someone loses. Nothing matches up and in the end we have taken tariffs off products and put them on future generations just to survive in the present time. In the past decade and more, states have even used taxpayer money to pay foreign auto makers to build assembly plants in their state. In most case the taxpayers never really get this money back in terms of the value they put into the enterprises as the value of workers and labor keep being deflated and degraded with all these manipulations. Cities have built sports complexes, stadiums, gambling casinos and convention centers too with taxpayer money and this process remains a take away proposition with the taxpayers not ever really gaining much from any of these ventures.

The covenant between business and workers with the whole of society being affected has broken down. We have a lost leader economy where companies compete to the point of doing business for years without making any mark up on the things they make or grow. Many use these unfair business practices to take over markets while business using sound business practices are put out of business.
Ray Tapajna

Workers Rights is not Marxism

January 21st 2013 01:53
About Ray Tapajna , his Living Journals and Living Healing Art

As an advocate for workers' dignity, my work is challenged as being Marxism

At a Linkedin group, a person of good will, said my having a wholesale condemnation of free trade, related to philosophy smacks of Marxism, which has only served the leaders of communist regimes rather than the workers and relates my writings to Hugo Chavez, the elected leader of Venezuelan.

First of all, I am not against international trade as historically practiced and defined. However what we have today is something that is called free trade but in really is more about moving production from place to place for the sake of cheaper labor. It also about outsourcing and in sourcing workers. See Free Trade is root core of economic crisis.

As far as Hugo Chavez is concerned, I leave history to judge him. History will have label him what and who he is. We have many new and merged "isms" these days.

Many branded Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin from the Catholic Workers movement Communists because they were for workers rights but they maintained that government was the worst channel possible for helping workers. Lech Walesa, who played a major role in the fall of the Communist Empire, says he does not know that much about economics and business but he does know something is very wrong when ten percent of a population controls 100 percent of the wealth. He feels the U.S. has lost its way. The globalist free traders use Adam Smith in their defense of so called free trade but Adam Smith held workers as something sacred. See Communications by Rank

My life experiences range from the factory floors to the highest echelons in management being part of every computer generation and new innovations. I traveled to Silicon Valley many times. The company I was with had symposiums on workers' dignity and during the 1990s, there was magazine called Upside Magazine that reported on new ventures but also had a deep sense of human dignity in the work day. This is where I learned about Manuel Castells who predicted the coming of the Bewildered New World as it is today. In my own business as a trouble shooter supplier to major corporations, I resolve many problems for them. Virtually all of my clients big and small are gone. During the same time about 1000 computer businesses in just the states of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania lost their businesses. More than 100 major computer manufacturers went out business too with more than a million workers in the computer industry losing their jobs. This is the state of things in our times. Pope John Paul said Christians must work for a new system "having within it the imprint of justice and beauty." Christians should get an impulse for building this new system because they share " a common destiny of freedom inscribed in the economy of creation and in the redemption," he said.

Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo's Encyclical , which stood the test of history for more than a hundred years is now being thrashed by people of good will like Father Robert Sirico, author of Defending the Free Market. We review his book at Free Books and Book Reviews and a must read book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins. We also review Pope Benedict's economic encyclical at Pope Benedict Economic Encyclical Review

Rerum Novarum is about the rights to property , the rights of owners and the rights of workers. Basically, it says, business owners have a right to property and to make enough money to support their families and have enough left over to pay their workers a living wage. This also means the right to property is the work of your hands too and not just some real estate or ownership of a business. We live in a time where corporations are treated like "persons" while workers are being "commoditized." Corporation as owners live off impoverished workers with their investments divorced from production.

As for me, I am a Conservative or describe myself as an Al Smith Democrat( which is a pre FD Roosevelt Democrat) . I have voted for the Constitution Party candidates for years which is about conservative as one can get. I vote this way since we only have one major political party in the USA and it should be called the Globalist Free Trader party. I also have experience conducting business with Chinese companies directly. Believe me, they do not do business the way we do and their interactions are a mix of Communism, State Capitalism and Raw Capitalism. It is an economic stew.

Ten Mexican Bishops called free trade Cultural Death and Bishop Alvaro Ramazzini from Guatemala told our U.S. Congress directly much of the same when CAFTA was being passed. He also predicted the harm this trade agreement has done.

Now our economies based on making money on money instead of making things are burning out. Here is a recent letter of mine published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Once President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama gave the financial communities trillions of dollars in bailout money while ignoring the suffering of workers, we got a whole new ball game as we wait for the next financial bubble to burst. Free trade remains the core of our economic crisis, because it is not really trade as historically practiced and defined. It is more about making production portable and ready to be moved again and again for the sake of cheaper labor. All of the supporting services are affected, too, with the trade deficit representing trillions of dollars lost in value forever.

As long as the value of workers and labor keeps being deflated and degraded, there is no hope. More than a billion people in the world are ready and willing to work for
... see more at
Free Trade is Root Core of our Economic Crisis

Muted Ethics

January 5th 2013 04:12
Ray Tapajna Living Journals

This is a letter I sent to JCU Magazine relating to their article about " a code of ethics" in business and the class room when they said it all depends on what lens you are looking through and it sounds like something President Clinton would say noting his statement from the "Land of is." He said it all depends on what your defintion of "is", is. Is all questions the same related to ethics. Note hints and tips about Communicating Yourself in Different Ways in a Common Good Way

Muted Ethics

Please note my online advocacy for workers' dignity, local value added
economies and the real free enterprise system, online since 1998, I now
have thousands of resources and references on line. I mix articles with
art I call Art that Talks related to the global economy with workers
having no voice in the process. All college students especially in business schools should read Confessions of and Economic Hit Man by John Perkins and Communications by Rank

The "code of ethics article" in the JCU EDU/MAGAZINE prompted me to
send this email to my alma mater in hope some may find my advocacy for workers dignity informative.

More than ten years ago when I was told I had only a couple more years to live, I started putting down as much as I could for my grandchildren etc. I am
still alive. It turned into an advocacy for workers' dignity. I hold it too as my ministry. Perhaps the best place to start is for all interested parties to see Communications by Rank It is mainly about workers having no voice in the process of globalization and free trade with an educated class being trained with a plantation owner mentality. It contains a review by a top education consultant. As you read it, picture a young man who graduated from JCU in while at the same time having the equivalent of four years of experience working in factories in 1955. I never was able to jump over the void between the factory floors and the college classrooms and perhaps this is the driving force behind my advocacy. See Human Nature is on trial in the global economic arena.

There is no lesser of two evils as the code of ethics article suggests. It says, "Everyone sees things through a different lens" and I question if this statement does not represent a move towards sophist useful good and proportional ethics at the expense of the common good. I ask this as someone who has more than sixty years of experience in the business and corporate world. I was with more than twenty-five companies with only one surviving. Air France is the only one and it is owned directly by the French
government. Thousands of families were affected in this unjust competitive process.

I saw it all from the factory floors, directly with major corporations dealing with the highest echelon management and as a trouble shooter supplier of computers and components to major corporations for more than twenty-five years. I had dealings directly with China for several years and know how things work there. I opened more than three regional offices for major computer corporations and was part of every computer generation and innovation from 1964 to about 2000. I had piles of technology manuals and papers to support my trouble shooting activities. They contained more than just technical information. They were good resources about ethics in business too.

In the 1970s, I read a report by a large church association which said that 70 percent of church goers were unable to match up their Sunday worship with the work week. Note it only entailed those going to church. This confirmed what I believed since I graduated from JCU and what I have seen throughout my life. The concept of doing unto others as you would like them to do you does not exist in the business world. It should because it is a very practical thing to do too. It helps to spread wealth more evenly too. Friends have even lost their lives in the economic process during these times. A VP once told me he had the same spiritual experiences that I experienced, but I had to face the facts of reality in the economic day. At one job, I resigned the very next morning after a horrible experience of immoral behavior by all there including several family men. I resigned not having any sign of another job with a family of seven children to support.

I tell you this because many men in the group were family men like myself and were never able to talk with one another again. Towards the end of my career in the computer industry, I was fortunate in getting with the top innovator of disk storage in the industry. The president even held symposiums related to human dignity in the workday. We led the whole world in disk technology. However when free trade came, the president tried with all his might to stop what free trade would bring. It brought what I call the "commoditizing" of workers. He fought to the end and spent millions of dollars doing it and failed. It seemed like he disappeared from the face of the earth. At a dinner meeting in Silicon Valley, we met the new owners of the company and I was at a large table with many others with lively conversation going on. However when I said, do you people have the feeling our company has been taken over my the Mafia, a sudden silence followed. One by one, the people quickly got up from the table leaving me all alone. In the end in my own business, I fought to the very end for the last micro computer made in the USA and lost everything too.

Trying to tell you about all the dirty messy dealings that happen in the business world would take many paragraphs. It is time to stop telling our children they can ethically survive in the business world. I can give you an example of misconduct, moral and ethical practices in almost every business, corporation and job I had. It is a sad commentary about the way it was and the way it is today. When free trade and globalization kicked in, the equation quickly went out of control. Our economies based on making money on money instead of making things took over. Now they are burning out. The value of workers and labor has been degraded and deflated. This value is a real asset and most likely represents a better money standard than the Feds funny money. At the same time corporations are considered and defended as persons while workers are just commodities to be traded on a global trading block in competition for the same jobs down to the lowest level of wage slave and even child labor. With more than a billion people in the world willing to work for practically nothing, it is truly an endless race to the bottom.

President Bush and President Obama joined hands in bailing out big money
while ignoring the suffering of all who lost their jobs and businesses due to free trade and globalization. We do not need any conspiracy theories to know that free trade and globalization have been driven by powerful forces outside the will of the people. Pope Benedict in his economic encyclical suggests the use of subsidiarity which I understand to be as making decisions at the lowest levels possible. It is obvious that workers indeed have no voice in their destiny and our Catholic colleges continue to promote the cause. If free trade was subject to a popular vote, it would have never passed.

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Free Trade makes no sense

December 29th 2012 00:14
Ray Tapajna Living Journal Network

Why free trade won't work. It deflates and degrades the value of workers and labor

In the end, you can not do business with someone who does not have money.

Free trade is a failure because it is not really based on trade. It is based on moving production from place to place based on the cheapest labor markets. With more than a billion workers in the the world who are willing to work for practically nothing, it becomes a senseless race to the bottom with this being the lowest common denominator. Workers are the real commodities being traded. They are put on a global trading block to compete with one another for the same jobs down to the levels of wage slave and even child labor.

Free trade also negatively affected all business models. It includes a reckless manipulation of values that are counter productive. We now have a mix of state capitalism, economies based on making money on money instead of making things and a very confused free enterprise system where the term free market includes isolating competition and creating monopolies in the process.

This is why free is immoral. It is also a matter of our conscience being blinded by cheaper prices as the check out counter. In this process, workers also shop their way out of their jobs. The value of labor and workers drop down to a level where workers can not even afford to by the cheaper imports.

With the natural flow of the free enterprise economics being interrupted, we will never know what the best prices could have been if a real free market was in place. We do know that the value of workers and labor has been deflated and degraded with this value being a better money standard than all the current standards being used. If you cut the value of workers in half, there is a a 50 percent decrease in what workers can afford to buy.
For example, in my computer business during the 1970s etc, I was able to spend more than a thousand dollars for a copier and have a service contract. That one purchase alone, added several levels of added value from the raw material up through about five and seven levels to the retail end user level. Many people enjoyed the benefits of my purchase this way.

With free trade, I no longer can afford to buy a item like this. I have a copier that cost only about 150 dollars new and it is now broke with the
service charge to get it fixed higher than the price of the machine itself. This
example applies to most everything I use now. Also in the 1970s etc., I had customers and clients who easily purchased 5,000 dollars or more of components etc. at the lowest levels in management making the decision. Today you need a executive committee to approve a 500 dollar purchase. In 1970s terms, this is like having top management having to make a buying decision for a 100 dollar item. The money spent at the retail or end user level fans out quickly to where the products and components are made. This means many are cut off in enjoying the benefits of the sale since most everything is now made in some far away place in the world.

On top of this, no one knows anymore what a proper business model is because in the free trade era, governments subsidize and bail out big companies and big money interests. It is no longer possible to tell who really has a good business model. President Obama added to the problem when he bailed out big money while ignoring the suffering of workers. Workers who lost their jobs and businesses due to free trade were supposed to get help but very few got help. He subsidized green products
like solar energy and most of all the ventures had to declare bankruptcy. He
retaliated by proposing tariffs on Chinese solar companies for underselling the market. No one benefits from government brokering deals. Someone always loses out in the process when one gets help and the other does not.

President Obama and all the past three globalist free trader presidents , should now know this confirms what is basically an inherent problem with
free trade. There will always be someone who will work for less and
companies who will find ways to beat the system. There will be always
companies who will sell under costs to grab market share until their money runs out. There are also companies who will sell at costs or under costs to bring in revenues to use in other financial dealings. The global economy is now a global casino where governments act as dealers and brokers.

At the other end of things there are inherent tariffs at the check out counter. If there is an imbalance of money values it creates a domino affect. With most of the money spent at retail quickly fanning out to the places where
the products are made in other countries, it does not stay here
to recycle our economy. Governments then have to find ways to make up the difference and put more taxes on purchases which in effect are imbedded tariffs.

When President Bush and President Obama bailed out the stock market and the banks while subsidizing big manufacturers, they too put a tariff on future generations. The globalist free traders are finding out that you trying to make money on money instead of making things has created an economic disaster. In the end, you can do business with people who do not have money. You need to first find a way for people to have sufficient money to trade in a balance geopolitical setting or nothing works.

An economic plague surges

December 5th 2012 22:31
Ray Tapajna Living Journal Keeping History Straight

A Bewildered New World suffering in an economic plague

.... and it is coming your way.

Millions of workers lose their jobs due to free trade. It still is the major cause behind our economic crisis

Our leaders, the media and so called experts take us down dark roads in the global economic arena with very few telling it like it really is.
President election debates leave out the the real problems. The core of our economic and jobs crisis is free trade and globalization with the trade deficit representing the loss of trillions of dollars of value lost forever. This lost value tells the real story of our times.

When I look at my compatibility manuals of all the computer manufacturers that once thrived, I find most of them gone from the face of the earth. The same applies when I look through the pages of my sales / prospect book that I carried for more than thirty years. There are a few crossed out indicating their closing down but now I can black out full pages of companies that no longer are there. Many of these companies had a history of fifty to hundred years in business. I drive pass some the places where they once were and now there are only empty employee parking lots left with weeds growing through the cracks of concrete and asphalt. It is like something plaque came by and took it all away. The sames applies to the downtown area that once had several world headquarters for some of the largest manufacturers in the world.
It was also place full of major advertising offices, big and small retailers and many air line offices. Banks also had major offices downtown. Once I was able to spend a whole day just calling on accounts within a ten block area. There were times when you had to walk to account since the street traffic was so dense. Walking was faster than using the shuttle bus service. Now there are rows of empty and half filled office buildings. A gambling casino is now on public square. There are two new sports stadiums and an arena built by taxpayers money. The city leaders tell us they bring business downtown but it is not the kind of money that once recycled our economy. It is a take away game in the end. I also drive down miles of major main streets full of empty store fronts and empty factories throughout the city and the suburbs. The economic plague hit in many ways.

Our leaders, the media and so called experts tell us this represents only an economic cycle which happens to occur every few years. They call it a recession and things like that. The hide the fact that a new working poor class has replaced the middle class. The term underemployment has lost its meaning since so many are now in that category. The unemployment rate is a sham with only about 38 percent of all workers qualifying for unemployment insurance. They do not tell us how the other 60 percent exists. Reportedly, about 50 percent of our human resources in the U.S. is not being used. And this economic cycle has now lasted more than twenty years with a whole new generation not having any experience of the way things once were.

In 1994, President Clinton ignored a petition signed my thousands about 40 million people in America being hungry. Instead we saw him jogging on the streets of Washington and stopping at McDonalds where he proclaimed statistical prosperity. Now the food bank in our city, provides meals for 330,000 people. Last year they set a record of serving 33 million meals. Yet there is a gap of 57 million meals annually in our area. Even those with moderate incomes are skipping meals to pay for more pressing needs. More Americans are living in poverty than at any other time in U.S. history. The news report tell us about the slight increases and decreases in the unemployment rate and in the economy but many children go to bed hungry not being able to eat the statistics. I know a teacher who bribed her students to come for tutoring help by offering food. It was the only thing that worked.

Howard G. Buffet, son of Warren Buffet, is in farming trying to increase the production of food and now is focusing on Feeding America. He tells about attending a Thanksgiving dinner at Harris Elementary School in Decatur, where 92 percent of the children are on free or reduced-cost lunches. The school sits in a community that has the largest food-processing facility in the world for corn and the second largest for soybeans. !,500 to 2,000 train cars roll out these plants and through the children's neighborhood. He does not tell about giant agricultural companies getting government subsidies for their corn and soy crops. We now have both public and corporate welfare that do not serve the common good. The economic plaque hides the causes of the economic disease. President Roosevelt said economic diseases are highly communicable. We call it an economic plague. It exists in an unreported silent depression and it is coming your way.

More at Free Trade Cancer

Workers' Dignity Betrayed

There was a time in Rome when it was better being a slave than a free man. One of the major reason Rome failed was their outsourcing and insourcing of workers. When the workers rebelled, the Roman economy based on making money on money imploded.

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